Tree Removal

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For most nature lovers, trees play a vital role in the community; thus, deciding whether or not a tree needs to be eliminated or not is a serious job. For trees that are dying or already dead, it’s necessary for it to be removed for health and safety reasons. On the other hand, live trees also have to be removed for many reasons. Unfortunately, trees do not grow as quickly as you want so before cutting it down, think about your decision a million times.

Before removing a tree, it’s also wise to bear in mind that not only your property is going to be affected, especially if it’s standing in a property line. To avoid disputes, make sure that you speak to all parties involved, to avoid problems in the future.

Another reminder, not all trees can be removed by anyone, especially large ones. When a tree is interfering with a utility line, remember to get hold of a utility company also.

Removing a tree is not a great task to perform, but so as to execute a safe elimination, certain steps should be followed:

1. Prior to cutting the tree, check your surroundings if there are obstacles in the way. Things like wires, plants, trees, cars, and other things should be taken off your way. Clearing the area might help avoid accidents.

2. Make a good observation of the tree. Find its normal angle or where it’s naturally leaning. Once you’ve found its natural angle, you’ll understand where the tree will collapse. This gives you an advantage on the best way best to prevent the tree once it drops.

3. Also, look out for open wounds on the trunk. In such case, it is better to seek professional help as rotten trees are harder to predict where or how it would collapse.

4. Create an escape route. Be certain that you find 2 escape routes which you can use when the tree starts to fall. Pick 2 routes on each side, where you can run when the tree begins to fall.

Various trees have different root systems; therefore determining what your tree has will help you decide on what strategy should be implemented when removing the tree.

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