Leftover Turkey/Chicken Meals With Veggies & Seasoned Well

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There are a lot of fantastic dishes to be made out of leftovers, when I think about an abundant amount of leftovers, turkey and chicken appear to come to mind the most frequently.

Cooking and saving the organic broth out of your homemade chicken or turkey adds copious quantities of flavor to soups, sauces or gravy dishes. If this option is not available, you can still make some really great soups with the aid of low-salt or no-salt chicken stock or low-salt chicken bouillon cubes. I really enjoy making a combination of the two. If I don’t have quite enough chicken stock leftover for a soup I will apply what I have and in another stock pot I will bring 2-3 cups of water to boil and add 1/2 a piece of low-salt bouillon together with the leftover chicken stock and maybe season with Kosher salt or sea salt and add more seasonings, then mix both of the warm liquids together as the foundation for my soup.

Here are a couple seasoning suggestions for creating the base seasonings of your chicken/turkey soup.

*Fresh or dried coriander, parsley flakes

*Fresh ginger

*Fresh, sliced onions or scallions

Cummin or crushed red pepper, to taste, if you like your soup spicy.

A splash of extra virgin Olive Oil

I’ll also add vegetables. If you’re in a rush, you can add half a bag of fresh-frozen bag of mixed vegetables. To get a fresh pop of taste, you might add a handful of cleaned and dried spinach, kale or celery leaves.

Remember, the chicken/turkey is already cooked so that you may first wish to add a pasta or a rice to improve or entice your soup more to your liking/taste.

My spouse loves spaghetti cut in fourths and added to his soups. You can change this recipe with different ingredient options. ~ Try adding rice, potatoes or beans into your soup, or another kind of noodle or pasta will do just fine! Making sure to include the uncooked portions first as your foundation along with the stock water. You can then add your seasonings,’ vegetables and the shrimp first, cook for 5 minutes on low, and then the pre-cooked chicken/turkey. Let simmer on med-low heat for around 15-20 minutes, then set aside for 5 minutes, check for desirable taste/seasonings’ and serve your soup with sliced baguette bread, oyster crackers or warm flat bread! This makes approximately two to four servings, depending on the size of your soup bowels. .

I love learning from you and from others supplying me knowledge continuously!

Being Emotionally Numb

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Life might have thrown snowballs at you for a lengthy time. While trying hard to find the silver lining behind every cloud, you may have become exhausted and emotionally numb. Keep reading to discover.

To begin with, you need to be happy where you are before you can go where you want to be. Consider cheering yourself up by appreciating the beauty of mother nature, reading a great book or watching a funny film.

The moment you begin to appear at things with a positive mindset, your surroundings shifts and you encounter amazing happiness. Good things begin to fall together and make you further joyous.

If you instantly cannot be where you want to be, be patient. All the things you need in your life have their proper time. They might not land in your lap in ways you plan but in ways the Universe feels right. So, my precious reader, if you can’t fly straight away, simply sing. Do you get my point?

Singing, dancing and music are a great combination to fulfill your mind. You have your plate full and before you know it, your burning desire gets manifested in a surprising way and you are happy to fly off.

Mind you, once you’re at your desired destination, you may again start getting hit by snowballs from the Universe. Do not be disappointed. Then everything falls together again and you no longer feel the emotional numbness. You are able to breathe freely, be carefree and be pleased to your heart’s content.

Find out your life’s purpose – something you know you wouldn’t fail and take forward action. Keep moving with the goal in your mind and your desires will be fulfilled. If it is a message you want to spread around the planet, it will be done. If it’s a possession like a house, car or assets that you crave for, they will be granted. You just have to tap into the right life purpose.

Summing up, do not remain hurt when the Universe throws snowballs at you.

Tricks, Tips and Driving Guide for Beginners

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Have a relaxed mindset, and never panic during your night driving. Being fearless and sticking on the street rules would allow you to half a way through the journey. We have seen some new drivers, who panic in some situations causing them to employing break forcefully, shaking the gear leaver to understand where number of gear they’re in or clicking the viper blades or indicators coming in action when they fear. Try not to be that, stay calm and do your actions.

Eliminate the stains, dried drops, smudges, finger prints, dust and greasy matters to have a clear vision of the road at night driving glare. First, lift the vipers from the bonnet using your hand and de-dust that, then pour a sufficient amount of water all over the windshield and allow draining. Now, use your viper equipment to wash the windshield by squeezing the detergents stored beneath the hood. Following these steps will make you to avoid mild scratches on your wind glasses and have a clear vision on the road.

Implementing the viper as such to clean the windshield can swipe up the dirt and mud particles accumulated around the blades and can result in permanent scratches on your windshield.

Additional care must be compensated for car driving, especially by the beginners to moderate skilled drivers during night times, than during the day. Driving the car at night times appears to be a frightening part for many motorists on account of the glary vision of the opposite vehicle that leads them blind for some microseconds when passing by. Bear in mind, glary visions are the main dangers of driving at night.

For this, avoid seeing the light beams of the other vehicle and focus on the road space required for the lively movement of your vehicle during the exact crossing time of their opposite motor vehicle. While crossing, if you’re not sure about the street, do not apply, but be prepared to pedal on the brake, especially when you travel on the street where you managed some patches and damages already.

Use your high and low beam indicator sensibly. Use high beams at night driving just when you find no cars on the other hand. Flipping from low to high beam for a while can actually help you in locating the pot holes, humps, broken ridges and the damaged streets even at long distance with a shadowed vision.

Pull down the high beam to low level to create your nearby road visible as you pass the opposite vehicle on the exact same road. This on the other hand, indicates the opposite vehicle driver to do the same, so the drivers may have a better vision in low beam (some drivers do not obey this and you don’t have to fret about it). If you head other vehicles coming reverse continuously, try to maintain the low beam position. This will assist the contrary driver to have his eyesight properly without your high beam.


Keep your eye sights near the end of the road covering just about all of the area of your road. Try to comprehend this. When you push in dark, try to keep your sight sticking to the areas as your car head lamps explore new areas of the roads. Actually, this will help us to have some time to react when we find some abnormalities on the roads like, humps, potholes, speed breakers and etc..


Roads are always associated with patches and damages leading to small to large damages to the vehicle. In some bad cases, a neat, smooth road ends all of a sudden and is still a bad, ruined roads with pits and hard stones. This is often faced during the night driving time causing the car more vulnerable to hurt, especially once you drive at a constant high speed. When you face such situation, slowing your car immediately may damage your car, as the vehicles following you don’t expect this from you. In such cases, switch your parking light in one hand, which may indicate the drivers coming behind you to control their speed without hitting your vehicle’s back.

I’ve tried this many a time where I felt secure.

Particularly, when you lead on a road followed by three or four vehicles behind you at constant speed wouldn’t expect you to stop or slowing abruptly for a bad situation in the middle of the street unexpectedly. Occasionally running your car on the damages roads is far better than getting hit by the rear following vehicles.

If you would like to stop your car crisply in such instances, cut down your speed from 100 km/h till it reaches to 60-50km/h and release the brake and re-press the brake pedal barely once more will make your car stop safely. Not to harm your co-passengers, give signal to your passengers on emergency braking.


Sleepy drivers are really the dangerous giant in the streets of both day and nighttime driving whom we will need to eliminate. But more frequently, the vulnerability is greater at night times due to less traffic and perfect time to sleep, especially for people who are tired of driving from long distance. Even research has been done on this and found that tiresome drivers take micro sleep for 6 to 10 seconds without their knowledge.

Giving a short horn during overtakes, particularly for long vehicles such as trucks, lorry, buses and etc., would add another layer of safety for you. Pressing the horn for double would make the truck driver to have a notice on you and your actions.

In such situations, based on the chance of crossing one another, you may need to remain in the flock by driving at slow speed for a little while. Later the group gets spread as vehicles move ahead overtaking one after another. In such instances, we might continue to stay in the same lane, while one or two additional vehicles of same lane direction would move to the opposite lane to overtake. If you’re one of the one behind the vehicle travelling in the opposite lane, then it is more responsible job for you to have your safety.

Sometimes the overtaking vehicle would return into its own lane, while heading another vehicle on the opposite lane. Also, the overtaking driver might have space and time only for his vehicle to pass , where you may end up in trouble following him on the opposite lane. This generally happens to many drivers when they lose their patience in staying at the flock of vehicles for a while. During overtakes, as you have a car before you, try to see through his windshield to get an idea about the opposite lane automobile. This can actually help you to have some extra time to decide to slow down or coming back to your own lane again


Give brief horns at regular intervals (pom pom pom) than pressing the horn to provide a long press (poooooooom). This might sound funny, but it actually works. Especially, when we get in touch with other roads passing across or the road that connects to the highways. Giving this type of short horns would make the people to notice about your car coming being prepared to cross the street.

Some roads are wide for long distance and later divides into two roads, though a brief half a meter elevation divider separates two roads that has blurred marking or with no reflector stickers. This sort of dividers is risky specifically when they begin after coming down from a bridge. All kinds of such problems are not such a major problem in daylight, but in the nighttime driving, especially when we travel on the new roads, it’s highly important. So beware of short divider.


Turning roads are actually a trap for us, it sounds simpler than they really appear. This is not about the hair-pin bending at which we would not be at a pace of speed.
Whenever you don’t get the vision of the bending street, for sure be alert and bring the speed down is on the safer side. Never misjudge the road curve for our safety measures. At times, some open land roads have some treats such as, that we may not know if the road bends to the left or right until you get to closure. Be certain to stick to the lane and pull down the speed in such situation without being panic.


Having juices and drinks on traveling might add a excellent value for your journey, however smaller bottles of less than a litre might cause some trouble if it’s on the ground unnoticed in dim light, as they may run in between the three pedals. But no need to recall a horror scene whenever you see a pet bottle in the car, rather just keep an eye on them when you’re handling them.

When you feel tired, never hesitate to leave the driver’s seat for the sake prestige or fame. A real driver never takes chances in collapsing the whole happy journey or the fun of driving a car. Feeling tired and sleepy after a long constant drive is truly a human nature and some people really feel shame telling we feel tired and handing over the car to our spouse or friends. Most accidents occurring at night are higher because of lack of sleep of those drivers which is bad for us and us too.

Six Kind of Friends You Need to Block From Your Life Right

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To direct a smooth and peaceful life one really has to be surrounded by people who are not just positive but supportive also. Great vibes around you may lift up your confidence and also help you achieve the impossible. So go right ahead and don’t fret, just block the friends who are a barrier between you and what makes you happy. Here are the kinds of friends you need to block right away.


This one is for that friend of yours who’s just interested in with you all the time. These people are always on a look out to receive their chores or tasks done from you. Block them immediately, you don’t want self centered mates around you.


These are the walking, talking self proclaimed brand ambassadors for almost all high end brands. What more, they come out with the cost before they’re complimented. They wish to show off their over flowing money bags and are always looking out to put you down. Its great to be meet such individuals once a while but being friends with them?? Think again we say.


Yes!! No matter how much you say that you can be his friend… You seldom can be ordinary with him. Please block him from your life right away… It will do you tonnes of good, trust us!!


Now! We don’t mean to say its not good to help a friend who is in need. We completely swear by the proverb”A friend in need is a friend indeed.” But you need to know where to draw the line. You can not be going overboard always to help somebody who’s forever broke. Don’t inculcate wrong habits on your buddy is all we’re saying.
Block them out of your system so that they can find their feet and become self dependent.


There’s one common creepy friend nearly all people have. That friend’s friend, who’s always trying to hit on you or passing all cheesy comments. Block that looser immediately because he doesn’t deserve the pleasure of your organization.


This category is for all those friends who are forever miserable on seeing all good things happening to you. They would do anything it takes to see you fall. They discourage you from taking calculated risks also because seeing you succeed makes them envious. Such negativity is a significant no-no, make sure they are in the’ignore forever’ list from today itself.

An Invasive Species

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Goldfish have become an invasive species which have negatively affected lakes within the USA, as well as around the world. Large goldfish are found in lakes within America such as Lake Tahoe, Quemado Lake in New Mexico, and Lake St. Clair in Michigan. Experts are worried how fast goldfish can breed and change an ecosystem.

Goldfish dumping is happening across the nation. They are common in household aquariums and backyard pools. They are easily obtained, usually being one of the cheapest fish to buy. In addition to that, they can be brought home through other means, as an example, people can acquire a goldfish from a game booth at a fair. When the goldfish is no longer desired, or perhaps due to the necessity to move, people can believe they are being kind to their pet goldfish by setting it free in a nearby lake, rather than killing it. But while they may save their pet’s lifestyle, the goldfish may ruin an entire population of native fish.

According to an expert, Sue Williams, who is an ecology professor at the University of California, aquarium dumping has generated one third of the world’s worst aquatic invasive species.

Goldfish create waste, which feeds algae around the shore. Their feeding habits not only reduce water clarity, they may also ultimately bring about a decrease in water oxygen. This then increases water temperatures, which in turn destroys the natural habitat for young, juvenile fish. Goldfish root around in the mud, which makes the waters murky and suspends sediment.

Since Lake Tahoe is a massive tourist attraction for boating, hiking, cycling, and swimming, biologists are employed in an effort to keep the waters pristine. They discovered that goldfish are becoming an invasive species. In 2011, biologists discovered a 14.2 inch goldfish weighing over three pounds. Goldfish in Lake Tahoe eat minnows, which are food for trout.

Not only are goldfish an issue to Lake Tahoe, but pollution and climate change have become problems to the Lake Tahoe ecosystem. Thus, with all the challenges to Lake Tahoe, goldfish can be a factor that may tip the balance to an entirely different sort of lake composition.

As previously mentioned, another lake invaded by goldfish is Quemado Lake in New Mexico. Over five and a half tons of goldfish have been eliminated from this lake. There were so many goldfish, it gave the lake an orange hue.

One way to eliminate the invasive fish is to shock them, which stuns the fish and allows them to be gathered and removed. Few fish really die from electrical shock.

One third of the worst invasive aquatic species of the world has come from the practice of dumping aquarium goldfish and other non-native fish. Like the pythons who have invaded the Florida Keys, and are becoming a significant problem that’s eating natural species and affecting the natural habitat, goldfish are become a serious invasive problem due to aquarium owners who are dumping unwanted fish, not realizing the serious consequences of their actions.

Buy a generator

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People like to be prepared in the event of emergencies. You never know if the unexpected may occur, and it’s always advisable to be certain your family and your belongings are as safe and secure as possible. During a storm or natural disaster, one of the most dangerous things may be the loss of electricity for any great length of time. Many individuals would invest in a generator to prevent the issues a loss of power could cause.

The objective of a generator is to provide a totally automatic backup power supply to your home or business. This helps people to keep their comfort in a power outage. There are lots of consequences that people cope with during power outages, such as spoiled food, uncomfortable temperatures, and in some cases, not having the ability to get to work. Some people who rely on medical devices that require power may also be at risk during a power outage if they are unable to receive their necessary medical attention. It is significantly simpler and safer to plan ahead to attempt and prevent these situations altogether.

While a generator can be extremely valuable, they can be a very complicated product to choose, purchase, install, and operate. It is essential for people to choose which devices or appliances they would want to keep running during a power outage. People should also bear in mind that these backup appliances are not meant to be a total substitute for full electrical service. They’re just to keep the basics running until total power can be restored. People will have to decide which type of generator will work best for their particular situation. There are three chief types, portable models that are on wheels and run on gasoline, large stationary models that operate on natural gas or propane, and battery inverter systems. There can be quite a range in price, so people also should consider what’s going to work best for their budget.

Most people will put some time and effort into deciding which version is ideal for them. Individuals can visit vendors, home centers, or electric supply companies to look at various models and ask questions about each. It’s important for potential buyers to get information regarding cost, installation, operation, and maintenance before they make their final decision on which model to purchase.

Making the decision to purchase a generator may just be a portion of a individual’s emergency or disaster preparedness program, but the ability to have power in a storm or natural disaster makes this appliance a convenience worth its weight in gold.

Do you need pest control?

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Whether you have a cockroach problem or you have noticed mice or rats in or around your house, professional pest control might be the solution for you. There are a variety of measures that you can take on your own to keep your house protected from insects of rodents, but occasionally professionals services are the only viable solution to genuinely eradicate the issue in your property for good. First, you should evaluate your property and take any actions that you can on your own before calling in the professionals.

Pest control professionals utilize a variety of methods, equipment, and highly advanced techniques to rid properties of rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, and a variety of other bothersome, disease spreading, or harmful critters. Before calling in the professionals to handle it, there are a number of things which you can do to look after the problem. First, you should take a look around the interior and exterior of your website to make sure that there are no openings on your house to allow certain vermin and insects indoors. In some minor cases, some over the counter products may do the trick, but you need to do your research ahead to be sure that the products that you’re purchasing are effective in the manner that you need them to be.

When store bought products and do it yourself tactics just are not doing the trick, it could be time to turn to a team of professionals to handle the task for you. There are a range of benefits to professional pest management. These specialists often know where and how exactly to take care of the issue. While you may be able to observe the insects or rodents, you might not know exactly where to treat the matter. They come from places which you might not always think to check. Professionals with experience know just where to look for specific pesky critters, and they know how to eliminate them. Professionals know the behavior and weakness of common household pests, and they are aware of the very best tools and methods to rid them for good while preventing them from returning.

Additionally, pest management professionals simply have access to tools and pesticides that you cannot get. The very best tools just aren’t accessible to most consumers. These pesticides really work, and they can be harmful if they are not treated by professionals with expertise. Professionals can also offer you advice on how best to prevent infestations from occurring in your property again.

Cleaning your cars interior

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A lot people like to take our car in for a pampering. It’s actually very simple to wash your vehicle’s interior — and you do not necessarily need fancy machinery to get the job done correctly.

Below are some hints to getting your vehicle so clean it is going to look like the pros did it for you! Follow these tricks and you’ll be riding in style… super hygienic style very quickly!

Give your car a thorough vacuuming and find every last corner!

Offer your carpets and chairs a fantastic vacuuming and you are halfway there to a squeaky clean interior. Move the seats forward and get rid of all the junk and debris hiding underneath. Unless you’re meticulous all year round, you may be surprised by a few of the items lurking down there. Candy wrappers, lost change as well as electronics are merely some of the things people find beneath their car seats. Do not forget to remove the mats, and vacuum all the dirt under there also.

Deep clean the mats and upholstery

You can usually find a carpet-cleaning machine for very cheap and it is essential you use one to wash your car like a pro. It sprays water and chemical cleaner onto the cloth, then sucks up all the grime back into the machine.

No need for industry-standard gear when getting into the nooks and crannies of your automobile. Simply wrap a fine cloth with cleaning agent to the end of a screwdriver and wipe down all of the crevices of your car’s interior. Pay special attention to air vents, radio dials and dirty edges along the cup holders. Afterwards, use a shining agent like Armor All over the dashboard and trim to find that luxurious sheen.

Use a distinctive chemical agent to wipe grime and dust off your chairs. This process will help restore your chairs’ natural color and will leave them looking like brand new.

Kill bad odours

You may not understand it, but cars frequently smell like their drivers and the various foods they lug around town. Whether your car smells like cigarettes or fried chicken, it is unpleasant for passengers riding in your car. Avoid using an air freshener, as this will only mask the problem. Instead, choose a heavy-duty odour removing spray to kill bad scents on contact.

Give your windows a great scrub, a really good one!

Although your windows may look clear, chances are they’re cluttered because windows are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. No point in having a clean car inside if your windows are grimy and full of fingerprints. Use Windex to find a streak-free glow and pay close attention to the window’s edges!

Curb appeal

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Love your new home, but find yourself wishing that it had a little more of your own distinctive personality? It’s not unusual for buyers of new construction to believe that the home, although beautiful and modern, remains a small blank slate. While they may be excited to begin, they can sometimes feel overwhelmed with where to start, as well as apprehensive about the general cost an interior decorating project can price.

Decorating Your Residence Can Be Simple And Inexpensive

Fortunately, redefining the aesthetic value of your home can be fun, and more importantly, affordable. Choosing decorating/furnishing jobs that accentuate the best features of your house can be a quick and easy way to raise your house’s overall curb appeal. Best of all, these projects can help you feel like your new construction gives a one-of-a-kind vibe that exudes your own personal style.

Clutter: Yes, the interior design of houses can be jeopardized by clutter and disorganization. Is your house among them? If so, it’s time to concentrate on getting everything unpacked and put away – it is a terrific first step to making the place feel homier (and you’ll be more relaxed in your new residence!) .

Rearranging furniture:Think that your present furniture layout isn’t quite working with the floor plan? It is time to change things up – rearrange some of your pieces to provide the room an entirely novel look. Also, purchasing one or two inexpensive new items can quickly help redefine a living space.

Consider lighting: Lighting (or lack thereof) can play a major role in the overall feel of any living space. Floor and ceiling lighting strategically positioned throughout the room will help change the focus of the room, and instantly boost the visual-appeal.

Repurposing: Have places that just are not getting the attention and use that they deserve? Get creative and give them a new purpose. From changing spare bedrooms into a home office, to redefining your formal living room for a child’s play area, there are loads of approaches to ensure that you’re optimizing every square footage of available space.

Use paint: Did you know that paint can actually help make spaces look and feel bigger? It’s true. Simply painting a smaller area the same color as the one adjacent to it immediately makes the area seem more spacious. Get strategic with your paint selection to up the aesthetic appeal with bolder, brighter colours which make each room seem larger.

Get creative with hangings: Gone forever are the days when all wall hangings had to be up high and out of the direct field of vision. Vary the heights and angles of your own pictures and wall decorations to give your home a more modern and trendy visual vibe.

Tree Removal

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For most nature lovers, trees play a vital role in the community; thus, deciding whether or not a tree needs to be eliminated or not is a serious job. For trees that are dying or already dead, it’s necessary for it to be removed for health and safety reasons. On the other hand, live trees also have to be removed for many reasons. Unfortunately, trees do not grow as quickly as you want so before cutting it down, think about your decision a million times.

Before removing a tree, it’s also wise to bear in mind that not only your property is going to be affected, especially if it’s standing in a property line. To avoid disputes, make sure that you speak to all parties involved, to avoid problems in the future.

Another reminder, not all trees can be removed by anyone, especially large ones. When a tree is interfering with a utility line, remember to get hold of a utility company also.

Removing a tree is not a great task to perform, but so as to execute a safe elimination, certain steps should be followed:

1. Prior to cutting the tree, check your surroundings if there are obstacles in the way. Things like wires, plants, trees, cars, and other things should be taken off your way. Clearing the area might help avoid accidents.

2. Make a good observation of the tree. Find its normal angle or where it’s naturally leaning. Once you’ve found its natural angle, you’ll understand where the tree will collapse. This gives you an advantage on the best way best to prevent the tree once it drops.

3. Also, look out for open wounds on the trunk. In such case, it is better to seek professional help as rotten trees are harder to predict where or how it would collapse.

4. Create an escape route. Be certain that you find 2 escape routes which you can use when the tree starts to fall. Pick 2 routes on each side, where you can run when the tree begins to fall.

Various trees have different root systems; therefore determining what your tree has will help you decide on what strategy should be implemented when removing the tree.